Simon Mundy

Moral Money Editor, Financial Times
Simon Mundy is a fascinating speaker on sustainable business and finance. He is the Moral Money Editor at the Financial Times, covering the vital but troubled drive for a cleaner, fairer, more sustainable global economy. His writing on sustainable business and finance appears on the award-winning Moral Money platform and across the wider FT. He is also the author of Race for Tomorrow, an acclaimed book on the global climate struggle.
In his writing and speaking, Simon draws on over a decade of on-ground global experience reporting on some of the key trends sweeping the world economy. He began his journalistic career in Johannesburg, where he covered Southern Africa for the FT, before a period writing on the London financial sector. He then spent seven years in Asia, heading the FT bureaux in Seoul and Mumbai, covering issues ranging from the North Korean nuclear programme to the rise of India’s digital economy.
Starting in the summer of 2019, Simon spent two years travelling through 26 countries on six continents to research Race for Tomorrow, a book on the global scramble to respond to climate change. The book features deeply reported encounters with characters ranging from Saudi royalty to Siberian mammoth tusk hunters, from Congolese cobalt miners to clean-tech billionaires in China and Silicon Valley. Published in October 2021, the book has had a hugely positive early response. It has been featured by media including Sky News and BBC Radio 4, and has been named one of the top ten books of 2021 by the Royal Geographical Society’s magazine, Geographical.
Simon is an accomplished and charismatic keynote speaker, panellist and moderator. His speaking reflects not only his own deeply informed perspectives, but the voices and stories of the huge range of people he has spent time with in every region of the world – from some of the most powerful figures in global business and politics, to members of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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