Peter Bruce

Founder and Chief Scientist, Faraday Institution

Peter Bruce is a founder and Chief Scientist of the Faraday Institution. He is also leading the first fast start project on solid state batteries. Peter’s research interests embrace materials chemistry and electrochemistry, especially lithium and sodium batteries. Recent efforts have focused on the synthesis and understanding of new materials for lithium-ion batteries, on understanding anomalous oxygen redox processes in high capacity Li-ion cathodes, the challenges of the lithium-air battery and the influence of order on the ionic conductivity of polymer electrolytes.

His research has been recognised by a number of awards and fellowships, including from the Royal Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the German Chemical Society and The Electrochemical Society. He was elected to the Royal Society (UK Academy of Sciences) in 2007 and the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scottish Academy of Sciences) in 1994. He has appeared on the Thomson Reuters list of highly cited researchers since 2015.

In addition to his involvement in the Faraday Institution, he also directs the UK Energy Storage Hub (SuperStore).

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