Mel Murphy

Research Lead, UNDO

Mel is the Research Lead at UNDO, a UK-based negative emissions technology project developer, specialising in enhanced weathering to generate carbon credits which are sold on the voluntary carbon market. Mel is co-leading the development of an independently verified enhanced weathering methodology and overseeing field trial research to monitor and verify CO2 sequestration, as well as additional co-benefits to soil health and crop yield.

Mel is a recovering academic, and her research focuses on using major- and trace-elements, and non-traditional metal isotopes to study how weathering processes remove atmospheric CO2. She has a first-class honours degree and PhD in geochemistry from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Mel was a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford, where she was also a lecturer at St Annes college. Mel was also a postdoc at University College London, UK, and University of Copenhagen prior to joining UNDO.

Speaking at: CO2 Removal