Barbara Hammond

CEO, Low Carbon Hub

From 2000 until 2010, Dr Barbara Hammond was in Government, heading up the UK’s renewable energy programme. Having helped start up the social enterprise Low Carbon Hub in Oxfordshire ten years ago, Barbara has led it to a position where it owns a portfolio of renewable energy projects worth £20m, including 46 solar rooftops, the 440kW Sandford Hydro, and the 19.2MW Ray Valley Solar Park.

Together, this portfolio will generate enough electricity to power around 7,500 homes. More importantly, it will generate a huge amount of community benefit to support our work with our 37 community group shareholders and our innovation work supporting the transition to a zero carbon energy system in Oxfordshire.

Barbara has also led on developing the critical relationships with many partner organisations that are fundamental to the Hub’s continuing success, including:

    • OxFutures – a £4.2 million project boosting low carbon economic development in Oxfordshire in partnership with both our universities and three of our local authorities.
    • Project LEO – a £40 million project trialling local energy solutions to accelerate the transition to a zero carbon energy system in partnership with 9 other organisations including Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.
    • Cosy Homes Oxfordshire – a home retrofit service to improve energy efficiency in homes, reducing carbon emissions and improving comfort.
    • Energy Solutions Oxfordshire (ESOx) – a complete energy efficiency service helping organisations lower their energy use while saving time and money.

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